The workshops Marchetti joint-stock corporation in the productive plant of via Dorsale to Massa, have installed an unit equipped with blot of it specific tools in order to execute workings for thirds party. The wide spaces to the inside of the plant are use from suitable means of raising that cover every requirement determined from the workings executed with blot of it tools to numerical control with change tool automatic rifle.



103 cutter boring machine MECOF CS
race aces: X=6300, Y = 900, Z=1200

1000 cutter boring machine SACHMAN
race aces: X=12000, Y=1000, Z=1700

1200 cutter boring machine SACHMAN
race aces: X=16000, Y=1200, Z=2000


In this unit destined mechanical workings to the construction are executed of blot some industrial. The staff highly characterized and the certifications obtained from the company concur to face whichever type of demand.






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