The new 13 t tensioner is the result of Marchetti’s leadership in the field of designing and manufacturing hydraulic tensioning systems. The development of the technical and structural characteristics of the equipment with respect to the standard 9 t model allows the tensioning values on the blades to be increased.

The Marchetti hydraulic tensioners for marble ensure a uniform tautening of the blades thus increasing their durability and performance. They can be fi tted on to any diamond blade gangsaw.

The 13 t tensioner can be fi tted on to any type of diamond blade gangsaw.


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Tensioner - minimum cut

blade tensioning values

15 mm
9 - 13 t
12,5 mm
9 t
11 mm
9 t
10* mm
9 t
* double tensioner


The search for greater automation, precision and control of work, has prompted the Officine Marchetti to produce an electropump to facilitate the daily use of the marble tensioner. By inserting this accessory into the production cycle the blades on the gang-saw are tensioned with considerable saving in time and labour. The electropump allows the working pressure of the tensioner to be checked, because it is possible to compare one reading with another on the manometers of the tensioner and that of the electropump itself.

Oil capacity

10 lt

Max pressure

600 bar


Kw 0,37 (0,5 HP) / 220-380 V / 1370 rpm-50Hz

Weight without oil

26 kg


Electropump   Manual pump

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