The Marchetti hydraulic tensioners for granite ensure uniform and constant tensioning on all the blades so that the cutting of the materials is perfectly level.

The uniform tension speeds up the arming and disarming operations of the gangsaw.


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Width of gangsaw

Minimum cut
Rows of pistons
Standard 27 mm
< 5 m
20 mm
27/38/50 mm
long 38 mm
> 5 m
15 mm
27/38 mm
extra long 50 mm
> 6,5 m
10 mm
27 mm
8 mm
27 mm

The long stroke and extra long stroke tensioners are particularly suitable for the large size gangsawswhich are more and more
present on the market.



The automatic hydraulic unit is an essential component in the hydraulic tensioning plant: it keeps the tension uniform and constant on all the blades throughout the entire sawing operation.


Automatic Hydraulic Unit

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